This page provides information about the General Grand Chapter.

The upcoming 50th Triennial Assembly is currently scheduled for Salt Lake City, UT, USA from October 29- November 5, 2021. Additional information can be found by clicking GGC Triennial Assembly link here.

South Carolina OES is honored to have the current Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron, our own Glenda Winchester, PGM , who will be installed as Most Worthy Grand Matron at the upcoming Triennial Assembly session.

South Carolina and Ohio (the home state of the Right Worthy Associate Grand Patron) are holding an event during the Triennial Assembly session. Additionally, “2024” T-Shirts are available. For more information select your item of interest from the list below.

Below are links to the General Grand Chapter website resources. Click your selected destination in the list below.

General Grand Chapter, Order of the Eastern Star
Glenda Winchester, Right Worthy Associate Grand Matron

Page last updated 02/01/2021