The table below lists all of the Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons who have served South Carolina Grand Chapter. A ‘*’ symbol following the name indicates deceased. You may sort the table by clicking a column header and/or search by full or partial word in the search box.

YearSession NameWorthy Grand MatronWorthy Grand Patron
1907-1908FirstMary P Ouzts *Henry P. Boggs *
1908-1909SecondMary P. Ouzts *W. L. R. Cahall *
1909-1910ThirdAnnie Lee Anderson *D. A. G. Ouzts *
1910-1911FourthTallulah L. Cudd *D. A. G. Ouzts *
1911-1912FifthTallulah L. Cudd *D. A. G. Ouzts *
1912-1913SixthNancy L. Bennett *W. C. Davis *
1913-1914SeventhNancy L. Bennett *W. C. Davis *
1914-1915EighthLeilah F. Attaway *Kenneth Baker *
1915-1916NinethLou Hughes Monk *Kenneth Baker *
1916-1917TenthLou Hughes Monk *Julius E. Cogswell *
1917-1918EleventhAnnie Harris Manning *Julius E. Cogswell *
1918-1919TwelvethHattie J. Breuer *D. G. McAlister *
1919-1920ThirteenthHattie J. Breuer *Fred C. Hatchette *
1920-1921FourteenthNaomi R. Hunsinger *Fred C. Hatchette *
1921-1922FifteenthElizabeth Frost McDaniel *L. L. Baker *
1922-1923SixteenthLucia Barksdale *Robert Lee Ramey *
1923-1924SeventeenthMamie Martin Dodd *C. Aubrey Gilbert *
1924-1925EithteenthCarolyn N. Wynn *Thomas Lane Monroe *
1925-1926NineteenthGlady M. Griffin *F. Bayard Culley *
1926-1927TwentithMargaret Layton Evans *Enoch S. C. Baker *
1927-1928Twenty FirstMaida Westmoreland *Robert L. Plaxico *
1928-1929Twenty SecondRuth DuBose Lawrence *Charles F. Mercer *
1929-1930Twenty ThirdRuth Bibgy Danielsen *G. Lloyd Ford *
1930-1931RainbowPearle Moody Monroe *Dr. E. P. DuRant *
1931-1932Silver AnniversarySara W. Hill *Perry T. Hawkins *
1932-1933The AzaleaEmmie B. Edmondson *Thomas W. Hornsby *
1933-1934ServiceMattie S. Creed *Lewis Fulz *
1934-1935RuthRuth R. Easterling *J. Herbert Powell *
1935-1936ElectaKathryn H. Carter *Oliver Pennington *
1936-1937FidelityEdith B. Clarke *Boyd B. Bobo *
1937-1938FaithMae Belle L. Clarkson *G. J. Knobeloch *
1938-1939IrisThelma R. Cuttino *Howard H. Eleazer *
1939-1940Queen EstherBlanche S. Starnes *Clyde R. Duckett *
1940-1941ElectaEva B. Land *Marion A. Todd *
1941-1942PatrioticElma G. Rodgers *Lawrence M. Peebles *
1942-1943FriendshipVivian Turnage *J. E. Ross *
1943-1944MarthaChristine F. Powell *R. F. Mitchell *
1944-1945No Session HeldEleanor Evans *J. F. Lyndon *
1945-1946DaisyAlice Wyman *Hugh N. Layne *
1946-1947Red RoseCora Lee Hays *L. A. Turnage *
1947-1948BluebirdMinnie H. Caudle *Thomas E. Christenberry *
1948-1949Love and ReverenceLillian H. Long *John C. Reade *
1949-1950Session of HarmonyFlossie C. Miller *Abe Wyman *
1950-1951Live In The LightThelma H. Todd *A. Pinckney Harris *
1951-1952HappinessNelleene M. Alley *Derald H. McMillan *
1952-1953Garden of UnityRose H. Heiden *W. J. Lawrence, Jr. *
1953-1954The Guiding LightMary B. Fogle *George H. Parks *
1954-1955Session of SmilesAlif B. Shaw *J. R. Hays, Sr *
1955-1956Forty-NinerBetty W. Garrenton *Arthur W. Garrenton *
1956-1957Golden AnniversaryRean C. Yarborough *Vernon B. Kiser *
1957-1958Open BibleEva H. Long *Arthur H. Burton *
1958-1959Forget Me NotIrene B. Whittington *William B. Hunnicutt *
1959-1960Garden of KindnessEvelyn C. Parks *T. C. Kistler *
1960-1961Symphony of LoveCecil M. Corley *J. Roy Alley *
1961-1962EmeraldRuby B.Manly *P. G. Barnett, Jr. *
1962-1963Home of the StarsMildred B. Garrington *Keith W. Seyle *
1963-1964Garden of FaithZoie M. Padgett *Cecil E. Mason *
1964-1965Light of The WorldBeatrice M. Kay *Robert P. Kurtze *
1965-1966Star of The EastGrace R. Harrelson *Hudson H. Harrelson *
1966-1967Cross of PeaceLounette V. Cudd *Colin Whittington *
1967-1968Gleaners of HappinessNada F. Williams *James D. Perry *
1968-1969Reflected LightElizabeth Barnett *Charles McKinney *
1969-1970Ruths Golden LightMae McLemore *William T. Johnson *
1970-1971Divine GuidanceWillie Mae Batson *Lerans Welch *
1971-1972The Fraternal FriendshipBessie Mae Walsh *Harold Crouch *
1972-1973Masters SessionMargaret Bishop *Thomas H. Allred *
1973-1974Joyful HeartsFrances Burgess *Lucius Todd *
1974-1975Nature's Life and BeautyHannah L. Malphrus *Donald R. Titus *
1975-1976TriangleJewel McJunkin *Russell Clemmer *
1976-1977Our American Heritage Through ChristIrma Perry *Robert E. Cudd *
1977-1978Crown of HappinessRuth M. Reynolds *Ralph Horton *
1978-1979Sailing StarsGlenda WinchesterHarold Salley*
1979-1980Our Guiding LightFrankie C. Wynne *John D. Arant *
1980-1981The Carolina in The MorningDoris C. JohnsonRobert L. Pittman *
1981-1982Diamond AnniversaryLillian Smith *Caldwell T. Hinson *
1982-1983The Symphony of LifeElaine McAlisterEarl McAlister *
1983-1984Heavenly SunshinePeggy TuckerBilly J. Graves*
1984-1985Faith and FriendshipNancy R. McLemore *H. David Brown *
1985-1986To God Be The GloryAnna R. Schulz *Vernon D. Force *
1986-1987The Family of GodSusan L. JohnsonCharles A. Peterson *
1987-1988Christmas In JuneMargaret Poston *Hal Keasler *
1988-1989A Galaxy of StarsKatie Benjamin *Harold Winchester*
1989-1990Our Heritage With Visions of the FutureMary A. Parks *A. Jack Hydrick *
1990-1991Blessings of FriendshipShirley Stuart *George Leighton *
1991-1992Smiling Faces, Beautiful PlacesJudy Caldwell *Fred Caldwell *
1992-1993SerenityVirginia Gilreath *Thomas Swindler *
1993-1994Reach For the StarsMarlene WildsJames Roddy *
1994-1995In The Fullness of TimeCelia BradshawGlen Cox *
1995-1996The Magic of DreamsDorothy Mitchum *Gerald Stobby *
1996-1997Heavenly ReflectionsJackie Fowler *Ray Wilds *
1997-1998To God Be The GloiryLynda PittmanIra Parks *
1998-1999Tis The SeasonMartha (Marty) Barry *Jacques LeFever *
1999-2000Precious Moments Become Precious MemoriesEthel K. Rimes *Bobby James
2000-2001Walk A Different RoadLinda Lamb *Jonnie M. Fowler *
2001-2002The Unity Garden of Love and FriendshipShirley A. ShippMarvin L. Pearson *
2002-2003God's Wonderful World of LoveFerne M. Launius *Harold D. Munn *
2003-2004Peace, Love, JoyDorothy F. Campbell *Earnest K. Campbell
2004-2005The Beauty and Harmony of LifeKaye RackleyRichard Bryden
2005-2006Celebrate the SeasonsPatricia ConnerPaul Shealy*
2006-2007Century of StarsDorothy L. PearsonBill Burgess
2007-2008Faith Lights The WayMary F. CogginsEdward P. Dixon
2008-2009Blessings of FriendshipKathy GernerBen C. Smith
2009-2010Gathering of Stars in UnityKay Bryden *Lowell McDaniel
2010-2011Showers of Infinite BlessingsShirley LoftisDonald Benson *
2011-2012On the Wings of Faith, Unity and Loving KindnessBeatrice S. "Bea" AyersWilliam Tommy Corbin
2012-2013Fruit of the SpiritSarah Jane SchrodetzkiGrady Rhinehart
2013-2014God's Beautiful WorldLucile Mattison *William "Bill" Satterfield
2014-2015Sentimental JourneyMinyon I. ShepherdHoward Coggins
2015-2016Serving God by Serving OthersJanice L. GibsonDonnie Curtis (resigned)
2016-2017Let There Be PeaceThelma GainesGeorge Thompson *
2017-2018Making a Difference by Working TogetherDonna M. BrantzegLarry Brantzeg
2018-2019Love and Hope Anchors the SoulShirley HendersonCecil Swank

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